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escort guide københavn vip escort copenhagen

44 Sqdn saaf Nov 1972. In storage at Lod Ben Gurion May 2001. 12783) registered HB-OAU; registered D-ecid 4Jan56; crashed September 11, 1978; cancelled Feb79 80659 (MSN 12955) delivered to usaaf at Lock Haven, PA; transferred to Army Ground Forces; 763rd Field Artillery Group; 50th Mobile Reclamation and Repair Squadron 2May45; 763rd Field Artillery Group 2May45. 78616 (MSN 22439/CU2548) WFU and stored Aug 1946. To French AF as AdlA 77011 24Aug53. 76 Sqn RAF 10Apr45. To J G Carlton Inc Apr 15, 1969. To RAF in UK as Dakota IV KN654 via RAF Montreal May 26, 1945. 70255 (MSN 520) Delivered to usaaf June 6, 1944; Newark, New Jersey June 7, 1944; shipped to the 8th Air Force, England June 15, 1944; 27th Photographic Squadron, 7th Photographic Group, Denain-Prouvy (A-83 France; damaged landing at Denain-Prouvy and nosed under March 24, 1945; 13th. 1333 (TS)CU RAF 31Oct46. 1 AD raaf 08Jul53. It was ceremoniously handed over to the RAF Museum Apr 20, 1989 at RAF Halton.

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W/o Sep (MSN ) Accepted by usaaf 4Jan45. Attached to 92TS/439TC at Sedalia AAB, MO damaged while parked at Walnut Ridge AAF, AR on Mar 12, 1946. Transferred to Friedlund Aircraft Sales and Leasing Inc, Huntington Beach, CA Jul 26, 1968. Registration LN-AKS reserved Jan 31, 2006 for Scandinavian Historic Flight of Oslo, Norway who have been operating this plane for many years. British Aircraft Corp bought 10Mar67. 1 AD raaf 19Aug53. To RAF in India as Dakota IV KN462 via RAF Nassau Apr 2, 1945. 91 Wing raaf 23Jul51. Bought by Canadian Pacific Airlines Feb 1955 and registered as CF-CZK. 78684 (MSN 22507/CU2616) transferred to Foreign Liquidation Commission Jun 17, 1948.

escort guide københavn vip escort copenhagen

Argus III KK565. 22 MU RAF 01Nov49. Flying with Shortstop Jet Charter, Essendon, VIC, Australia. DiPonti Aviation, Minneapolis, MN, December 21, 1946. Aero Enterprises, Elkhart, IN, May. W/o Jan 6, on civil registry as N3451D with EAA Aviation Foundation, Oshkosh, WI 75009 on civil registry as N51TC 75016 (8th FBG, HQ) lost on bombing run Sep 16, 1950. Became XT-52, then N8351C.

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To civil registry with with Lancashire Aircraft Corp Dec 5, 1952 as G-amww. Sold to Ball Brothers Inc,.b.a. British Aircraft Corp registered 24Oct69. 74035 (18th FBG, 39th FIS) crashed into hill 20 mi S of Pyongyang, Korea Aug 14, 1951. To XT-T517, XT-828, N8416C, cancelled Mar 22, 1950 To Civil Air Transport NT, to N9874F for Robert Hewitt Assocates. 1948 Crews rescued by ski-equipped C sold to Institut Geographique National of France as F-bgoe.

escort guide københavn vip escort copenhagen