Kvindens g punkt copenhagen

kvindens g punkt copenhagen

The twill and the repped wool meet at the edge of the smokkr and the seam has been covered by a string. At den ikke er laget av stoff, behøver derfor ikke å bety at den fjerde hempen ikke har tilhørt et seleskjørt. FH 2 1090 band? If the overdress is a smokkr, the carving indicates that the smokkr would have been short enough to show the underdress beneath. Muligens er den laget på samme måte som den siste av de to snortypene en kjerne av flere tråder, med en tråd viklet rundt. Contents, facts: Archaeological evidence, birka, the main excavation of Birka was conducted in the 1870s by Hjalmar Stolpe, yielding a large amount of textile material from the 9th and 10th century. This fits well with the fact that woollen fibres were found on one of the linen loops at the bottom of one of the brooches (Hägg 1974,. Detta nedtecknades av Ibn Fadlan, en muslimsk resenär, då han år 921 mötte nordbor vid floden Volga under deras handelsresor österut. 62) 838: woollen smokkr, a braided string (no info on what it was made of) 954: woollen smokkr, a wool string 1083: woollen smokkr, a string (no info on what it was made of) Illustration: Hägg 1974,. The longest pleat is torn.3 cm from the top of the smokkr, making it uncertain whether the fabric was just pleated near the top, or if the pleats ran further down.

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Endelig lå det innerst mot spennens skall et ganske lite stykke av et meget grovt løst ullstoff - vevet i to farger i rutemønster. In addition grave 159/1960 contain fragments of a two-shaft woollen cloth that may have come from the smokkr, if the layering of the grave has been interpreted correctly (Hägg 1991). On the other hand, there was no information to be gleaned from the position of the fragments in relation to the body, something which makes it harder to determine what garment(s) they belonged. Grave B 10720 at Sandanger This grave have yielded several intact fabric loops of the kind used to fasten "tortoise" brooches. Instead, identification must be made based solely on their shapes. Due to interpreting the length of the loops differently, Hägg is able to use the layers and position in the graves to identify woollen fragments in more than twenty graves as part of the smokkr. One exception to the tiny front loops are the loops from the front of the woollen smokkr in grave ACQ at Køstrup (Wielandt, 1980). The two colours that can be identified is dark blue and dark brown (Hägg 1974. 53 Haithabu Various excavations of the former Viking settlement of Haithabu, near Schleswig Holstein in Germany, have yielded a large amount of 10th century textile material. She sees no reason that the man should be wearing two garments of the same type, and so concludes that Geijer was mistaken when deciding that all the decorated fragments were from a man's garment.

kvindens g punkt copenhagen

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Since none of the archaeologists mentions it, I suspect that it could be the result of Mallot misinterpreting the evidence (the original archaeological reports in German and Scandinavian aren't all that accessible). D og g viser ubrudte linier fra kvindens front og bagud i et slæb. Photograph: Universitetsmuseenes Fotoportal, diamond twill fragments from T 16136, large version (19.7 MB) Lastly a lump of fabric lay on top of one of the brooches. Currently there are no loops connected to the fragment, but Lukešová reports that there are stitch holes that probably stem from the fastening of the loops. One of these brooches had preserved some textile fragments. The most significant piece in regards to discovering the underlying shape of the smokkr is in my opinion the fragment from grave ACQ in Køstrup. The fragment is roughly wedge-shaped with one side that has been cut in a straight line, and one that curves slightly. Det andre fragment (diamantkypert II) har en jarekant som øvre kant (retningen på renningen er horisontal) og representerer sannsynligvis en ytterligere selekjole. The straps tend to lie in an open loop around the needle, only fastened at the edge of the smokkr. While the fragments are torn at the bottom, making the total length of the smokkr unknown, the distance from the waist area to the bottom of fragment H14B is roughly 25 cm (Hägg 1984,. While we should take care to not use modern aesthetics to interpret Viking clothing, in my opinion it makes more sense to place a decorative element according to maximum visibility, namely between the brooches, instead of hidden under the arms. Nor have they included a separate apron or train.

kvindens g punkt copenhagen

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Bordeller i kbh flensborg restaurant Lastly, the grave at Hopperstad have two different diamond twill fragments with the characteristics of a smokkr (selvedge or hemmed at the top, positioned a few centimetres up in the brooch, with the top edge running horizontally along the width of the brooch). 50-51 they could both be closed. The construction and use of the loops From the archaeological evidence we know that the smokkr, however it may have looked, was fastened to the "tortoise" brooches with fabric loops.
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